Watershed Warriors

The Watershed Center’s Watershed Warriors are a group of engaged citizens committed to taking a stand for clean water in the Grand Traverse Bay watershed. These citizen advocates speak up effectively and at opportune times to oppose threats to water in their community and to support local decisions and efforts that protect water.

The Watershed Center staff provide Watershed Warriors training and mentorship, alert them to upcoming local decisions that may adversely impact clean water, share information and resources about issues that threaten water quality, and encourage them to speak up in various ways for clean water.

Our intent with the Watershed Warrior program is to:

  • Educate Watershed Warriors about current and potential threats to water quality and opportunities to mitigate those threats.
  • Inform Watershed Warriors about local government systems, including how decisions are made and different tools for protecting clean water.
  • Empower Watershed Warriors to effectively speak up about clean water in their communities, particularly when there is a threat to water quality.
  • Support and encourage Watershed Warriors to become community leaders.

Learn more or sign up to be a Watershed Warrior

Contact Heather at hsmith@gtbay.org or 231.935.1514 x3