green infrastructure
in northport

Photo credit: Shane Wyatt

Green infrastructure reduces stormwater pollutants

The Watershed Center is continuing its successful partnership with the Village of Northport to reduce stormwater inputs to Grand Traverse Bay from runoff originating in the village. In 2018, we installed a 544-square foot underground infiltration system and 6 street tree boxes to reduce stormwater runoff along Nagonaba Street. Together, these practices account for a total stormwater volume reduction of 1,875,500 gallons on yearly basis.

The partnership between The Watershed Center and the Village of Northport was a huge success and both organizations are excited to continue this collaboration to address the second largest source of stormwater in the village coming from the Main Street stormdrain. Specifically, we will be utilizing green infrastructure, including an underground infiltration trench and bioretention, to reduce stormwater coming from the Main Street stormdrain. 

The largest installation will be a series of underground infiltration chambers at the Northport Public School parking lot. The rooftop of the school and its main parking area comprise a drainage area of 35,000 square feet, all of which is at the start of the Main Street stormdrain. If funding allows, an area of bioretention will also be installed on the south side of Main Street east of Waukazoo Street. There is a large, undeveloped parcel of land adjacent to the road where an approximate 1,000-square foot bioretention area will be installed in the village right of way.

Planning and design took place in 2022 and early 2023, with construction for the infiltration trenches completed in summer 2023.

Project Status: in progress


  • Underground infiltration trench
  • Bioretention

Project partners:

  • Northport Public School
  • Village of Northport

Funding source:

  • EPA – Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

Total project cost:

  •  $518,564

Project Highlights

Health of our water and our community

By reducing stormwater inputs to Grand Traverse Bay, we are also reducing its associated pollution inputs such as sediment and nutrients. Since the Main Street stormwater outlets next to Northport Marina Beach, these efforts will also reduce bacterial inputs to recreational waters and protect the health of beachgoers.

We restore the waterways that lead to Grand Traverse Bay.