resource guide

for property owners in the Elk River Chain of Lakes watershed.

Permits & Zoning Requirements

Nearly all villages and townships have zoning ordinances that have specific requirements for how homeowners use and modify their property. Before taking an action that alters use or features of your property, homeowners should determine if they are allowed or if a permit is required. Zoning administrators are the most knowledgeable regarding ordinance provisions. Please visit your local municipal offices and attend meetings of interest.

Permits & Zoning Requirements

Acme Township
Village of Bellaire
Village of Central Lake
Village of Elk Rapids
Village of Ellsworth
Village of Kalkaska
Village of Mancelona
Banks Township
Central Lake
Chestonia Township
Clearwater Township
Cold Springs Township

Custer Township
Echo Township
Elk Rapids Township
Elmira Township
Forest Home Township
Helena Township
Jordan Township
Kalkaska Township
Kearney Township
Mancelona Township
Marian Township
Milton Township